Free-to-use kayaks at Cottonwood Lake


Equipment User Agreement, Waiver & Release of Liability

  1. Kayaks, paddleboards and related equipment are available for free use. First come, first served. 

  2. Keys are to remain within the lockbox. Return all equipment immediately after use in storage area (equipment should be stored how you found it). Please make sure all locks are secure before leaving the storage area. 

  3. Be respectful of the equipment (if the equipment is damaged during use, please contact City Hall at 507-832-6129).

  4. The City of Windom assumes no responsibility for accidents.  Paddling is done at your own risk.

  5. This agreement constitutes a Wavier of Release Liability, whereby the User agrees to release, discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify the City of Windom from any and all, claims, actions or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of service or otherwise which may arise out of the Users use of the equipment (kayaks and paddle boards).

  6. By submitting this form, Users acknowledges that he/she specifically understands he/she (User) is releasing, discharging, and waiving any and all claims or actions that he/she may have at
    the present time, or in the future, for using the equipment (kayaks and paddle boards).

  7. Users shall obey all local state, federal and local Boating Regulations, laws, ordinances and lawful directives from appropriate emergency or law enforcement personal, while using the equipment (kayaks and paddle boards).  User is solely responsible for any citation or
    violation occurring during the use of equipment (kayaks and paddle board)

  8. Users represents that he/she is capable of safely operating and handling the equipment. 

  9. Users expressly acknowledges that kayaking and paddle boarding are activities with inherent risks of injury to persons and property. Renter is aware of those risks and understands them FULLY.

  10. Users acknowledges that PFD's (lifejackets) are made available and that ALL

  11. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the City of Windom and User and no term may be voided or modified.

  12. I have read and fully understand the above. I fully agree to the terms and conditions as stated. 

  13. Please fill in your name and check the box below acknowledging acceptance of this agreement.

Kayak Use Form & Waiver

Thanks for your submission. The passcode for the kayak cage is 2021.