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We Invite YOU to Shop Windom First!

Please support the local businesses and their employees that:

  • Pay taxes that fund our schools and provide local government services

  • Contribute to our schools, churches, non-profit organizations  and community events

  • Offers goods and services that everyone needs

Chamber Bucks

Windom Chamber Bucks make great gifts and help to keep our local business economy strong.

Stop by the Windom Chamber office to purchase your Chamber Bucks today! Chamber Bucks can be used at any business that is a member of the Chamber.


Be sure to shop local:

Shannon Lynn's Boutique
328 10th St, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-1922

960 4th Ave, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 822-3849

First Floral Hallmark
314 10th St, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-1622

Hammer’s Furniture
327 9th St, Windom, MN

Phone: (507) 831-4420


192 10th Street, Windom, MN

Phone: (507) 831-2786

​​Lampert Lumber
121 1st Ave S, Windom, MN 
Phone: (507) 831-2000

Lewis Family Drug
599 2nd Ave N, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-4161

2420 Hwy 60 East Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-2010

Sanford Home Medical Equipment
585 2nd Ave N, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-0247

Schwalbach’s ACE Hardware
193 9th St, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-2523

Smith Appliance
73 24th Street, Windom, MN
Phone: (507) 831-1577

Windom Quick Print
1152 4th Ave, Windom, MN 56101
Phone: (507) 831-1444

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